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The result of all investments is the return.

JS - Global Strategy Fund

global strategy 

Target Return > MSCI ACWI Net Return (EUR)

 long-term concept 

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Wall Street
Die Kunst des Investieres

The art of investing in public companies is ...

... to find a company with excellent profitability and capable, honest management at a reasonable price.

After that, all you have to do is check whether these properties are preserved.

The MSCI ACWI Index (€) has achieved recent gains10 years approx.168 % return.

(MSCI ACWI Net Return - as of January 1, 2024 in euros)

What returns have you achieved as a private investor?

or your equity fund or your commissioned asset management.

As a private investor, how do I achieve a return that is above average?

An excess return can only be achieved by recognizing strong exaggerations and understatements in good time in order to control the resulting actions in the portfolio.

Take an active part in the further development of your

personal wealth management and track the strategy and performancemy portfolio for your support.

15 years - 12% pa target return - global concept!

As a team, we will continue to improve our individual investment concept.

The focus is on sharing knowledge and skills - for your own decision-making.

The principle: own experience combined with the "knowledge of the best" = personal strategy!

Active Membership :

annual fee


  Your active participation and competence

Interest? Work with us !

Insight into the strategy, portfolio composition and the forum.

Individual wealth management,

cooperation in the forum.

Passive Membership :

Voluntary annual contribution

= $ 10 per year / PayPal

only if the benchmark is exceeded


 The number of active participants is limited to a maximum of 3 members.
If you are interested in a long-term cooperation, please contact me beforehand - thank you.

You can find further information about myself  here:  

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I look forward to meeting you!

Mitglied werden
Das Portfolio
Start: November 1st, 2022 with €175,000 divided into 4 segments

Invest - Opportunities
( Peter Lynch ) 

Long term, solid

opportunity - risk - relationship

Strategic trading strategies 

Adapted to the current market situation

Open Field _edited_edited.jpg

Hedging + Signals 
(including cash)

instrument for

Alpha - return and

risk management

Trading - big moves - long term


imbalances in the market

( Jesse Livermore )

The concept -

higher returns by identifying inefficiencies !

At first glance, the stock exchange with the financial market is so diverse and impenetrable that one tends to give up responsibility for it.

One often loses the clear point of view for a strategy that one pursues in the long term and continuously optimizes.

Success and failure alternate. On average, the private investor is significantly worse than the market or the indices over the long term  . 90% of the professional funds and asset managers are only slightly better and, in addition to high costs, have a different objective for your private assets.

My belief is that as a private investor you can  one

clear strategy, which is continuously optimized, achieves an above-average return.

The prerequisite is a good education in the financial market, practical experience in business combined with an interest in the business models of successful companies.

If, in addition, a professional team with the same concern and conviction

collaborating and learning from each other, you will achieve superior returns.

The concept of "JS - Global Strategy Fund"

Join us.


Jürgen Stetter

Thank you - your Jürgen Stetter

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