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After successfully graduating from school, I did my apprenticeship at Nixdorf Computer AG and thus ended up in the IT world, which has never let me go. The beginning of my sales career began in a regional software company and led me to the world's largest IT service provider IBM.

30 years of experience, a large number of customer visits and insights into their business models have shaped me.


In 2019 I decided to explore new experiences and develop fresh ideas. First a trip around the world to get to know other cultures and views. After that I started to offer my sales expertise to the free market on my own responsibility and at the same time to manage my assets in the financial market. The Corona Pandemic followed completely unexpectedly, in which it hit me personally and my share investments at the same time. As a result of these events, I realized that my knowledge of stocks and investments was at a non-professional level and I decided to familiarize myself with the world of finance.

More than  24 months, intensively and with great passion, I analyzed the financial markets and expanded strategies.


In combination with my experience in the IT industry and the "Hidden Champions" customers I have looked after, I developed a talent for understanding the capital markets and companies with regard to their growth and earnings prospects in the stock market  evaluate. The financial market inspired me to the same extent as the IT world and I discovered many parallels from which I was able to develop a successful investment strategy. The central question of why only approximately 10% of professional financial markets firms beat the comparative index drove me to develop and publish my personal stock fund.

With the "JS - Global Strategy Fund" I am pursuing the long-term goal of achieving an above-average return on capital  .

100% transparent, serious, long-term, without hectic trading. Unique in the market.


My intention is to form a professional group of participants

who has the same issue:

Interest and perseverance in developing long-term assets, assessing risks and acting independently. We can only learn from each other and continuously improve if we have the same goals.

The result of all investments is the return!




Finance :

Fundamental stock analysis - capital market and portfolio theory - portfolio management - technical stock analysis - risk and money management - stock market psychology - trading strategies (including Minervini, Darvas, O Neil, Livermore) - hedge funds (including Buffet, Soros, Druckermiller, Simons, Dalio) - analysis Robo Adviser - Peter Lynch Magellan Fund - ARK ETF - Modern Money Theory - Money cycle - Central banks - Bonds



Key Account Management Corporate Customers :

Many years of profound experience in sales for IT service providers with different corporate structures and objectives.

Expertise in the field of software for ERP business solutions up to the current IT topics of digital transformation in companies from the service and industry sectors.

Holistic product and solution sales for the international upper middle class.

Topics: IT strategy, digital transformation, IT outsourcing, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things,

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Strategies and Digital Commerce Strategy.

Strengths in the implementation of sales specifications under time and profitability constraints. Employee motivation

at all hierarchical levels for a successful project implementation.

Applied methods: Leadership through networking - IT agenda - Industry 4.0 study - Cloud strategies - Financial selling in sales - Customer journey - Negotiating with top executives  - Danaher Business System - Agile / Scrum

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